Glass Veranda
Our glass ceiling systems are specially designed for use in residential areas with a winter garden concept. The ceiling of the system is produced with "double glass" or "polycarbonate" panels. It can be installed both as an extension of your home and as an independent structure standing on its own feet in your garden. Your glass ceiling can also be arranged as a complete winter garden with the side glass and door systems that will be integrated into the product, as in other systems. By using fixed glass ceiling systems, you can ensure that your projects have a modern appearance in restaurant, cafe, winter garden and terrace closures. -The system is compatible with the combination of single glass and double glazing. -The carrier profiles of the system are made of aluminum. -It is painted in the desired RAL color. -Special streams and side beams of our own design are used in the system. -There is no notching during application in the system profiles we design. The entire system is cut at 90 degrees and provides ease of installation.
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